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Marking 50 years since Okinawa’s reversion from American sovereignty back to Japan, Visions of Okinawa documents the dynamic historical, political and cultural spaces of Okinawa around this pivotal point in history through in-person screenings and streamed films exploring the legacies of the Occupation, WWII and imperialism. Primarily focusing on films made around the time of or dealing with the 1972 reversion, Visions of Okinawa addresses issues of identity, race and borders by presenting diverse and complicated reflections on the prefecture from mainland filmmakers, native Okinawans and documentarians.


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Visions of Okinawa: Cinematic Reflections Bundle
3 films
NDU Bundle
2 films

Paradise View
1h 57m Drama 1985

Focus on the Nihon Documentarist Union (NDU)

1h 27m Documentary 1971
Asia is One
1h 36m Documentary 1973

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