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July 9-August 6

In the last decade of his long and prolific career, Nobuhiko Obayashi (1938-2020)—best-known in the U.S. as the filmmaker behind the cult hit House (1977)—wrote and directed a trio of deeply personal and formally audacious films that confronted Japan’s wartime past. Made in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 2011 and informed by Obayashi’s firsthand experience as a child born on the eve of World War II in Hiroshima Prefecture, the staggering films in this trilogy—consisting of Casting Blossoms to the Sky (2012), Seven Weeks (2014) and Hanagatami (2017)—collectively consider the loss of innocence for an entire generation of Japanese youth raised in the shadow of war and national disaster. Scheduled as a lead-up to the 76th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan Society is proud to present Obayashi’s monumental trilogy together online for the first time. Presented in partnership with KimStim.


Series Bundle

Tragedies of Youth: Nobuhiko Obayashi's War Trilogy Bundle
3 films

Series Lineup

Casting Blossoms to the Sky
2h 40m Drama 2012
Seven Weeks
2h 51m Drama 2014
2h 49m Drama 2017

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