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Born in Osaka in 1969. Toyoda’s first contribution to the film industry was as a screenwriter for Junji Sakamoto’s Checkmate (1991). After writing the script for Sakamoto’s BILLIKEN (1996), he penned original stories for both theater and dramatic comics. In 1998, he made his directorial debut with Pornostar. After shooting and directing the documentary UNCHAIN (2001), he has directed features such as Blue Spring (2002), 9 Souls (2003), Hanging Garden (2005), The Blood of Rebirth (JC 2010), Monsters Club (JC 2012), I’M FLASH! (JC 2013), and The Miracle of Crybaby Shottan (JC 2019). His documentary PLANETIST is to be released in 2020. Recipient of the CUT ABOVE Award at JAPAN CUTS in 2013.


The Day of Destruction
57m Supernatural, Suspense 2020
Wolf's Calling
17m Short, Music 2019

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