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October 30-December 31, 2020

Returning to Japan Society as a virtual presentation after a sold out 2019 North American premiere, this retrospective program features the work of Tomoyasu Murata, one of Japan’s most prolific independent animation artists, who has created breathtaking, boundary-breaking stop motion animated films over the last two decades. Initially inspired by the expressive power of traditional Japanese bunraku puppet theater, Murata’s films—at once tender, whimsical and mysterious—deal with themes of memory, absence and mujo (the Buddhist concept of impermanence) through the cinematic manipulation of his meticulously handcrafted puppets and fantastical miniature sets. The eight short films in this program range from the artist’s award-winning student work to recent projects that respond to the Great East Japan Earthquake.


16m Short, Animation 2000
Scarlet Road
14m Short, Animation 2002
Family Deck | vol. 1, 5 & 6
15m Short, Animation 2007
Okinamai / The Forest This Flower Blooms
11m Short, Animation 2015
11m Short, Animation 2016
A Branch of a Pine is Tied Up
17m Short, Animation 2017

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