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Born in 1980 and brought up in Osaka. Dairiki and Miura have been friends since elementary school and started making films for pleasure. Since then, all their films have been created with cooperative direction, screenplays, acting, shooting, and art direction. Their 2008 middle-length film, Nikotoko Island, won the grand prix at the Image Forum Film Festival and was also nominated for Filmmakers of the Present, a competition program at the 62th Locarno Film Festival. Their first feature film, Helpless Stone (2010), had its international premiere at Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou in Paris, and their second feature film, Stone, Song and Peta (2012), had its international premiere at CinemaXXI Competition in Rome Film Festival.


Kinta and Ginji
1h 24m Avant-Garde, Comedy 2019

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