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Born on April 7, 1984 in Shiga, Japan. As a junior high school student, Ueda used to make small films with his classmates and, after graduating, he continued to hone his skills and passion. In 2010, he formed his film company and to date his films have received 20 grand prize awards at various film festivals. In 2015, he made his commercial film debut with a short film, “Neko Manma” in an omnibus film project. With his personal slogan of “Making films which will still be fun after 100 years,” he strives to make entertaining films. His latest work, One Cut of the Dead (production budget: $30,000) is a perfect example of that, with its miraculous box office of more than 30 million dollars.

→View the live Q&A with Shinichiro Ueda on July 17.


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1h 49m Comedy 2019
Opening Night Live Q&A with Shinichiro Ueda
60m Q&A 2020

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