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This sole competitive section of the festival features a hand-picked selection of independently produced narrative feature films by emerging directors who offer a glimpse into the future of Japanese cinema. One film within the section determined as the most accomplished by a jury of film industry professionals will receive the “Obayashi Prize” in honor of the late filmmaker Nobuhiko Obayashi (1938-2020).


Next Generation Bundle
6 films
1h 17m Drama, Fantasy 2020
Mari and Mari
1h 31m Drama 2021
My Sorry Life
1h 35m Drama, LGBTQ 2021
Sasaki in My Mind
1h 58m Drama 2020
Spaghetti Code Love
1h 36m Drama 2021
Town Without Sea
1h 45m Drama, Coming of Age 2020


Don Brown
Kyoko Hirano
Brian Hu

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