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May 7-28, 2021

Like cinema, sports have been integral to the development of modern Japan since the late 19th century when the country opened its borders to the West. Intersecting these two major cultural forces is the multifaceted and ubiquitous sports film, a fluid genre that offers fascinating insight into issues related to Japanese national identity, gender roles and the clash between tradition and modernity. Reconfigured for our virtual cinema after the cancellation of last year’s planned in-person event, this online film series celebrates the history of Japanese athletics with a selection of documentaries and a live action film presented in anticipation of the upcoming Tokyo 2021 Summer Games.

Presented as part of Japan Society’s Passing the Torch series, a celebration of the upcoming Tokyo Summer Games.


Series Bundle

Aim for the Best: Sports in Japanese Cinema Bundle
3 films

Series Lineup

Tokyo Paralympics: Festival of Love and Glory
1h 3m Documentary, Sports 1965
Youth: The 50th National High School Baseball Tournament
1h 36m Documentary, Sports 1968
The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine
3h 9m Drama, History 2018

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