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December 3-23, 2021

Highlighting the early efforts of now-established contemporary filmmakers, the second ACA Cinema Project series Flash Forward: Debut Works and Recent Films by Notable Japanese Directors takes an intimate look at six of Japan’s most well-known directors: Naomi Kawase, Miwa Nishikawa, Shuichi Okita, Junji Sakamoto, Akihiko Shiota and Masayuki Suo. Pairing each debut with a recent work, the series presents two distinct facets of each filmmaker’s career—encouraging dialogue and interplay as well as tracking the development of their signature voice. By drawing parallels and contrasts between past and present, Flash Forward illuminates the importance of these pivotal early works within each artist’s career. Included as well, is a spotlight on debuts from up-and-coming filmmakers from Japan. Co-presented by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in collaboration with Visual Industry Promotion Organization.



Director Bundles

Naomi Kawase Bundle
2 films
Miwa Nishikawa Bundle
2 films
Shuichi Okita Bundle
2 films
Junji Sakamoto Bundle
2 films
Akihiko Shiota Bundle
2 films
Masayuki Suo Bundle
2 films

Free Talks

Flash Forward: Conversations with the Filmmakers - Part I
48m Talk 2021
Flash Forward: Conversations with the Filmmakers - Part II
31m Talk 2021
Panel Discussion: Debut Works and Beyond
1h 8m Talk 2021

Debut Works and Recent Films

The Chef of South Polar
2h 5m Comedy, Drama 2009
Fancy Dance
1h 41m Comedy 1989
Farewell Song
1h 56m Drama 2019
Harmful Insect
1h 32m Coming of Age 2002
1h 50m Drama 1989
The Long Excuse
2h 4m Drama 2016
The Projects
1h 43m Comedy 2016
Ora, Ora Be Goin’ Alone
2h 17m Drama, Comedy 2020
1h 35m Drama 1997
Talking the Pictures
2h 7m Comedy, Period Film 2019
Wild Berries
1h 48m Drama, Comedy 2002
1h 50m Drama 2018

Filmmakers on the Rise

The Albino's Trees
1h 26m Drama 2016
Blue Hour
1h 32m Drama 2019
A Boy Sato
15m Short, Science Fiction 2017
Forgiven Children
2h 11m Drama 2020
1h 16m Drama 2019
My Atomic Aunt
1h 13m Documentary 2013

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