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Chigumi Obayashi has been traveling around the world since she was a child, watching films and learning about food. She has used this experience to explore an unlimited number of media. Her directorial work is 100 nen gohan (2013). She also presides over a table manners class and the Hot Sandwich Club. She is the author of Mirai e tsunagaru shoku no baton (2015), Hot Sandwich Club (2018) and other books. She is the daughter of Nobuhiko and Kyoko Obayashi.


Labyrinth of Cinema
2h 59m Drama, War 2019
Seijo Story - 60 Years of Making Films
1h 23m Documentary, Biography 2019
Nobuhiko Obayashi: A Conversation
1h 37m Biography 2020
Shinya Tsukamoto On Nobuhiko Obayashi
9m Tribute 2020
1h 29m Comedy 2020
Closing Night Live Q&A with Obayashi Prize Recipient Anshul Chauhan
60m Q&A 2020

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