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Born in 1968 in Yokohama. Following her desire to become a comedic entertainer, after graduating from the Faculty of Political Science and Economics at Meiji University Ohku was part of the first year’s intake at the Production Jinrikisha School JCA and then became part of the first year of students at the Film School of Tokyo in 1997. She made her directorial debut in 1999 in Igaito Shinanai followed by Koisuru Madori (2007), Tadaima, Jacqueline (2013), and Fantastic Girls (2015). She was awarded the Audience Award in the Competition Section at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival and the Grand Prix at the 27th Japanese Professional Movie Awards for Tremble All You Want (JC 2018).


My Sweet Grappa Remedies
1h 48m Comedy, Romance 2019

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