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February 5-25, 2021

As Japan’s film industry enters its third decade in the new millennium, this 30-film ACA Cinema Project online series takes a look back at the last 20 years of Japanese cinema to celebrate some of the most remarkable narrative fiction films and filmmakers that define the era. Covering a wide range of production styles and genres—from small budget independent debuts to festival favorites and award-winning major studio releases—this diverse slate of feature and short films offers a guided tour of modern Japanese cinema, including special spotlights dedicated to the work of Kiyoshi Kurosawa and a selection of breakout films by up-and-coming filmmakers. Co-presented by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in collaboration with Visual Industry Promotion Organization.



Special Screenings w/ director Q&As

Red Post on Escher Street
2h 28m Comedy, Drama 2020
Shape of Red
2h 3m Drama, Romance 2020

21st Century Japan main lineup

Listen to the Universe
1h 59m Drama, Music 2019
Mori, the Artist's Habitat
1h 39m Comedy, Biopic 2018
The Miracles of the Namiya General Store
2h 9m Drama, Family 2017
The Actor
2h 3m Comedy, Romance 2016
Fires on the Plain
1h 27m Drama, War 2015
Still the Water
1h 56m Drama 2014
The Devil's Path
2h 8m Drama, Crime 2013
The Drudgery Train
1h 54m Comedy, Drama 2012
2h 27m Drama 2011
1h 46m Psychological, Thriller 2010
Air Doll
2h 5m Drama, Romance 2009
One Million Yen Girl
2h 1m Drama, Comedy 2008
1h 51m Period Film, Drama 2007
1h 59m Drama, Crime 2006
The Great Yokai War
2h 4m Fantasy, Horror 2005
Yoshino's Barber Shop
1h 36m Comedy, Family 2004
Josee, The Tiger, and the Fish
1h 56m Drama, Romance 2003
The Twilight Samurai
2h 9m Period Film, Drama 2002
2h 15m Drama, Comedy 2001

Focus on Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Bright Future
1h 55m Drama, Crime 2003
Journey to the Shore
2h 8m Drama, Fantasy 2015
2h 7m Drama, Sci-Fi 2013

Filmmakers on the Rise

1h 15m Drama 2015
The Chicken
13m Short, Drama 2020
1h 56m Drama 2018
Lying to Mom
2h 13m Drama, Comedy 2019
Our House
1h 21m Drama, Fantasy 2017
Plan 75
18m Short, Sci-Fi 2018

Free Talks

A Conversation with Kiyoshi Kurosawa
1h 6m Talk 2021
"What Is Japanese Cinema in the 21st Century?" The Filmmakers' Perspective
30m Talk 2021
"What Is Japanese Cinema in the 21st Century?" A Film Critic's Perspective
24m Talk 2021
Q&A with Sion Sono
14m Talk 2021
Q&A with Yukiko Mishima
18m Talk 2021

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