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Wonderful Paradise

Comedy 1h 35m 2020


The latest by veteran indie auteur Masashi Yamamoto (Robinson’s Garden) is a riotous and unpredictable low-budget comedy that makes the most of a single location. When Akane (Miyu Ogawa, Special Actors, JC 2020) and her family are forced to move out of their inherited luxury home on the outskirts of Tokyo, she tweets an open invitation to their house for one last goodbye party. Before long, Akane’s estranged mother (Kaho Minami) shows up, followed by a steady stream of strangers—including a gay couple looking to celebrate their marriage, a cross country cyclist, Taiwanese tourists, and even a few ghosts. As the night goes on, the party becomes an increasingly surreal matsuri (local festival) celebrating life, death, love and second chances that culminates in a drug-fueled funeral, blood-spattered wedding and a coffee bean kaiju battle.

Streaming in the U.S. from August 20-September 2 as part of JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film 2021

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Masashi Yamamoto





Bonus Content

Introduction by Masashi Yamamoto

Introduction by Actors Kaho Minami, Miyu Ogawa, Seiko Ito, Soran Tamoto

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