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Tokyo Paralympics: Festival of Love and Glory

1h 3m Documentary, Sports 1965

This summer, Tokyo will be the first city to host the Paralympic Games on two separate occasions. This frank and intimate documentary—recently rediscovered and restored after being forgotten in storage for decades—offers a fascinating glimpse of the first occasion in 1964, the 2nd official Paralympics, by following the journey of several pioneering Japanese athletes whose participation (along with that of over 300 other athletes from 20 countries) helped raise disability awareness and change prevailing stigmas in their home country. Screening outside of Japan for the first time!

Streaming in the U.S. May 7-28 as part of Japan Society’s Passing the Torch series, a celebration of the upcoming Tokyo Summer Games.

Part of Aim for the Best: Sports in Japanese Cinema | Rent all three films together for $24


Kimio Watanabe







Bonus Content

The Origins and Outcomes of the 1964 Tokyo Paralympics: A Lecture by Dr. Dennis Frost


An insightful 20-minute overview of the history of disability sports that led up to the 1964 Paralympics in Tokyo. Presented by Dr. Dennis Frost, Wen Chao Chen Associate Professor of East Asian Social Sciences at Kalamazoo College and author of More than Medals: A History of the Paralympics and Disability Sports in Postwar Japan (2021, Cornell University Press).

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