The Murders of Oiso

  • Indie, Drama, Crime, Suspense
  • 1h 19m
  • 2019

Set in the titular seaside town of Oiso, Kanagawa, Takuya Misawa’s sophomore feature explores the tense bond between four friends Tomoki (Haya Nakazaki), Shun (Koji Moriya), Kazuya (Yusaku Mori), and Eita (Shugo Nagashima). Loafing through flexible employment as underlings in a corrupt construction company, the twenty-something mens’ callow jealousy and childish resentment spins out of control following the death of their boss, Kazuya’s uncle. This unflinching examination of small town corruption, toxic masculinity, and the fetid angst of wasted youth is an exceptionally well-crafted drama that reveals a keen eye for creative narrative construction and impressive control of film language.

  • Winner, JAPAN CUTS Award, 15th Osaka Asian Film Festival

Available streaming territory: U.S. only

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Takuya Misawa


in Japanese with English subtitles

Bonus Content

1 mins
Intro Video

Introduction by director Takuya Misawa

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