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Spaghetti Code Love

Drama 1h 36m 2021


In this beautifully lensed, poetic and ambitious Tokyo-centric drama, 13 disparate young people connected by chance or circumstance intersect as they ponder their place in the world and deal with the pressures and heartaches of modern life in Japan’s busy capital. Among them are a singer-songwriter who gives up on her dreams, an escort who can’t seem to find love, a high school couple pondering suicide, a photographer desperate to make it big and a part-time worker hopelessly attached to a married man—each struggling to overcome their limitations, each intertwined by the same desire for love, understanding and connection. The first feature film by popular music video director Takeshi Maruyama (whose one-shot music video for the 2017 hit “Labyrinth” by pop group MONDO GROSSO went viral).

  • Official Selection, Shanghai International Film Festival 2021

Streaming in the U.S. from August 20-September 2 as part of JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film 2021

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Takeshi Maruyama





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Introduction by Takeshi Maruyama

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