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One Million Yen Girl

2h 1m Drama, Comedy, Travelogue 2008

After a roommate dispute lands her at the police station, 21-year-old Suzuko (Yu Aoi, Wife of a Spy) becomes the object of family ridicule and neighborhood gossip. Fed up with the unwanted attention, she vows to move out of the house once she earns one million yen ($10,000), beginning a cycle wherein Suzuko drifts from town to town taking odd jobs and leaving every time she reaches her monetary goal. But when a romantic prospect unexpectedly crosses her path, Suzuko starts to reconsider her priorities. A wonderfully charming travelogue across Japan and an endearing portrait of youthful resilience written and directed by Yuki Tanada (Romance Doll).

  • Yuki Tanada, 2008 Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award
  • My Movies Audience Award, 2009 Udine Far East Film Festival

Streaming in the U.S. from February 5-25 as part of 21st Century Japan: Films from 2001-2020

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Yuki Tanada


In Japanese with English subtitles



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Introduction by Yuki Tanada

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