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My Atomic Aunt

1h 13m Documentary 2013


After spending 10 years abroad, director Kyoko Miyake returns home to Japan to visit Namie, the sleepy coastal town of her youth, in the wake of 311. With its close proximity to the Fukushima plant, Namie has since become a forbidden zone—displacing Miyake’s elderly Aunt Kumiko who clings to the hope that one day she may return. As younger generations move on and leave the region, Miyake documents her aunt’s struggles with adjusting to life outside of her beloved Namie. Exploring her family history, Miyake uncovers the town’s complicated and conflicting history with nuclear power—constructing a heartbreaking eulogy for a community that now remains only in memory.

“Haunting and moving…. as hard-hitting as it is simply presented, My Atomic Aunt is a timely reminder that the impact of the Fukushima disaster is still being felt….“—Time Out London

”…quirky and affecting film..“–The Guardian

Streaming in North America from December 3-23 as part of Flash Forward: Debut Works and Recent Films by Notable Japanese Directors


Kyoko Miyake





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