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Farewell Song

1h 56m Drama 2019


Popular indie folk duo Haruleo—a portmanteau of singers Haru (Mugi Kadowaki, Aristocrats) and Leo (Nana Komatsu)—embark on a seven-date tour as one final hurrah before officially disbanding. Barely on speaking terms, the pair take on the passive Shima (Ryo Narita) as a roadie in their employ to help soothe the tension and keep the band from falling apart. The strained relationship and history between once-close friends is slowly unveiled throughout endless highways, gas stations, diners and rest stops as Shiota intersperses glimpses of the past with the minutiae of the tour. Travelling ever closer to their final destination, the trio must come to terms with their eventual break-up and final farewell.

Streaming in North America from December 3-23 as part of Flash Forward: Debut Works and Recent Films by Notable Japanese Directors | Rent together with Shiota’s Harmful Insect for only $15!


Akihiko Shiota





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