Company Retreat (2021)

  • Drama, Based on a True Story
  • 2h 15m

Following a widely publicized workplace sexual harassment incident at a well-known Tokyo hotel chain between female receptionist Saki (Saki Hirai) and her superior—which leads to a social media frenzy and online bullying for the victim—she joins a group of co-workers for a seaside vacation to decompress from the scrutiny. Before long, however, a debate erupts surrounding Saki’s culpability and workplace gender dynamics, and clues are revealed regarding the mystery of who leaked Saki’s personal information to social media. Based on a true story, this speculative drama draws from firsthand accounts of an actual sexual harassment case and utilizes documentary techniques to dig into the divergent Japanese reactions to issues at the center of the global #MeToo movement—something that has had trouble taking root in Japan, a country ranked 120th in gender equality according to the 2021 World Economic Forum.

  • Official Selection, Tokyo International Film Festival 2020

Available streaming territory: U.S. only





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