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Asia is One

1h 36m Documentary 1973


Lost for decades, Asia is One was rediscovered in 2005. Shot around the time of the reversion, Asia is One initially begins by capturing shifting perceptions in Okinawa and economic developments—from the onset of increased tourism and cultural preservation, to the exodus of islanders migrating to the mainland for better opportunities whether for work, education or a better life. Composed of testimonials, Asia is One uncovers the history of labor abuse and exploitation by mainland mining companies since the 1930s and documents the Taiwanese and Zainichi immigrants who worked in these harsh mines, confronting the legacy of imperialism alongside concepts of border and identity on the vast stretches of islands that lead down to Taiwan.

English Subtitles by Keung Yoon Becky Bae and Kimberlee Sanders

Streaming Worldwide except Taiwan and Japan from May 14-June 3 as part of Okinawa Visions: Cinematic Reflections | Rent together with Motoshinkakarannu for only $15! | Rent all three Visions of Okinawa films for only $24 (North America Only)


Japanese, Okinawan dialect

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