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April Story

1h 7m Coming of Age, Drama 1998

Shy and meek Uzuki (pop star Takako Matsu) moves cross-country from rural, chilly Hokkaido to bustling Tokyo for college. Documenting the travails of settling down in a new environment that’s as equally liberating as it is overwhelming, April Story follows the quiet girl as she navigates the anxieties of making friends, creating a new home for herself, and managing her newfound independence—all for the yearnings of an innocuous crush. Shot in the peak bloom of cherry blossom season, April Story is perhaps Iwai’s most earnest depiction of first love, perfectly capturing a snapshot of life’s many wonders and mysteries.

Streaming in the U.S. from December 9-23 as part of Love Letters: Four Films by Shunji Iwai


Shunji Iwai


Japanese with English Subtitles

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