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Shorts Showcase Bundle 2020

12 films

12 short-length films for $12
(Total runtime: 194 min.)

The best deal for a package of a dozen shorts. Films listed alphabetically by title.

Content included in this bundle

Bath House of Whales
7m Short, Animation 2019
20m Short, Drama 2019
Bleached Bones Avenue
16m Short, Documentary 2020
Blind Bombing, Filmed by a Bat
32m Short, Avant-Garde 2020
16m Short, Avant-Garde 2019
Lost Three Make One Found
26m Short, Documentary 2019
8m Short, Documentary 2019
See You on the Other Side
24m Short, Indie 2019
The Sculpture of Place & Time
8m Short, Documentary 2019
Tokyo Girl
8m Short, Documentary 2019
Wheel Music
14m Short, Avant-Garde 2019
Wolf's Calling
17m Short, Music 2019

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