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Feature Slate Bundle 2020

10 films


Comprised of popular studio favorites and international film festival gems encompassing a wide range of genres and styles, this main section of the festival offers a vivid snapshot of the contemporary Japanese cinema landscape. The festival’s Opening Film and Centerpiece Presentation selections are also included in this section. Films listed alphabetically by title.

Content included in this bundle

1h 29m Comedy 2020
Fukushima 50
2h 1m Suspense, Drama 2020
It Feels So Good
1h 55m Drama, Erotic 2019
Labyrinth of Cinema
2h 59m Drama, War 2019
Mrs. Noisy
1h 46m Comedy, Drama 2019
My Sweet Grappa Remedies
1h 48m Comedy, Romance 2019
On-Gaku: Our Sound
1h 11m Animation, Comedy 2020
Special Actors
1h 49m Comedy 2019
Tora-san, Wish You Were Here
1h 55m Drama, Family 2019
Voices in the Wind
2h 19m Drama 2020

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