Documentary Focus Bundle 2020

  • 7 films

7 feature-length films for $29

This selection of nonfiction films traverses the personal and the political with multifaceted and compelling examinations of contemporary life in Japan. Working around logistical challenges, ethical considerations, and a desire to capture reality, the filmmakers in this section—ranging from veteran documentarians to relative newcomers—utilize a variety of techniques to capture the essence of their subjects in ways that suggest the diverse possibilities of documentary. Films listed alphabetically by title.

Content included in this bundle

Book-Paper-Scissors (2019)
  • Documentary, Biography
  • 1h 34m
i -Documentary of the Journalist- (2019)
  • Documentary, Political
  • 1h 53m
Prison Circle (2020)
  • Documentary, Crime
  • 2h 0m
Reiwa Uprising - Part I (2019)
  • Documentary, Political
  • 2h 8m
Seijo Story - 60 Years of Making Films (2019)
  • Documentary, Biography
  • 1h 23m
Sending Off (2019)
  • Documentary
  • 1h 18m
What Can You Do About It? (2019)
  • Documentary, Biography
  • 2h 0m