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Documentary Focus Bundle 2020

7 films

7 feature-length films for $29

This selection of nonfiction films traverses the personal and the political with multifaceted and compelling examinations of contemporary life in Japan. Working around logistical challenges, ethical considerations, and a desire to capture reality, the filmmakers in this section—ranging from veteran documentarians to relative newcomers—utilize a variety of techniques to capture the essence of their subjects in ways that suggest the diverse possibilities of documentary. Films listed alphabetically by title.

Content included in this bundle

1h 34m Documentary, Biography 2019
i -Documentary of the Journalist-
1h 53m Documentary, Political 2019
Prison Circle
2h 0m Documentary, Crime 2020
Reiwa Uprising - Part I
2h 8m Documentary, Political 2019
Seijo Story - 60 Years of Making Films
1h 23m Documentary, Biography 2019
Sending Off
1h 18m Documentary 2019
What Can You Do About It?
2h 0m Documentary, Biography 2019

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